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The Wiretaps (Part 2)

Other intercepted conversations show how Moggi and Paolo Bergamo (referees’ designator) agreed on which referees to send for which games, and how Moggi asked for Pierluigi Collina (international referee) to be punished among other things.

Officials from Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and the FIGC were also tapped.

WARNING: These transcripts contain very strong language, and some text may not be translated 100% acurately!

On February 9 2005, Moggi and Bergamo had this conversation...

Moggi: ...Now I tell you what I had studied.
Bergamo: ...Let’s see what we agree on with what I had studied!
Moggi: ...Let’s see a bit if…
Bergamo: ...Let’s see who studied best... Who do you put in the first grid of teams? Of games?
Moggi: ...wait...let me get the paper! Because I checked it out well today... So I put: Inter-Roma;
Bergamo: ...yes...
Moggi: ...Juventus-Udinese;
Bergamo: ...yes...
Moggi: Reggina-Milan;
Bergamo: ...yes...
Moggi: Fiorentina-Parma, which cannot be left out and Siena-Messina;
Bergamo: ...yes...;
Moggi: ...I put five, however we can also put four! It’s not like Siena-Messina is an important match! I think so, no?
Bergamo: Then there’s also Livorno-Sampdoria where in the first round there was a lot of problems! However, it’s ok! Go ahead, as anyway... it doesn’t change much!
Moggi: ...I know teams which ...I know teams Livorno and Sampdoria which in practice are a bit calmer!
Bergamo: Uhhh! Not really! Well! Ok, go ahead! Because anyway not much changes, we can also add another one if we wanted, however I have only a few referees for the first slot! Tell me!
Moggi: I put: Bertini...
Bergamo: ...uh...
Moggi: ...Paparesta who returns...
Bergamo:, Paparesta does not return!
Moggi: He returns on Friday!
Bergamo: Are you sure?
Moggi: Sure!
Bergamo: But if Gigi told me that this UEFA commitment will keep him out till the 12th?
Moggi: ...ehm... What he told you is crap...and when’s the 12th??
Bergamo: ...Saturday!...
Moggi: No, no, he returns on Friday night!...Bertini, Paparesta, Trefoloni, Ragalbuto, I had placed Tombolini, but Tombolini then made a mess with Lazio, I don’t know how this is, that is he made a mess, he gave a penalty...
Bergamo: ...uh...
Moggi: ...and these were the referees I had placed in this grid!
Bergamo: ...and Rodomonti instead of Tombolini, right?
Moggi: ....or Rodomonti instead of Tombolini, is fine too!
Bergamo: ...and so we had done it the same way, you see!
Moggi: ...I, I think...I think that this can be a grid…a grid;
Bergamo: ...that is I don’t have Paparesta. I had 4. I had: Bertini, Ragalbuto, Rodomonti and Trefoloni! And sincerely I want to stop Tombolini for a match because he made a mistake, otherwise you never punish them?
Moggi:, no, no...Eh...oh? Look, let me tell you... maybe I’m wrong, also I have some people to keep under, no? If you, for example, don’t punish Collina and Rosetti, the others are all authorized.
Bergamo: ....but in fact, I did not put Collina and Rosetti, eh?
Moggi: ...No, just to tell you, but the others are authorized to say: if they do it, we can do it too, they cannot break our balls!
Bergamo: ...I have written down: Bertini, Rodomonti, Trefoloni, then you tell me Paparesta, better! Paparesta arrives and is used as a referee! The important thing is that he arrives on Friday because Inter-Roma is moved forward to Saturday!
Moggi: No, no Friday night he will be there! No, no, there are no problems....
Moggi: ...I think...I think that there is no problem... this grid has no problem! I think! I think so, but then in football you never, if there are problems, however.
Bergamo:, but also I believe in this, eh... the only thing, it doesn’t even interest me if Bertini goes to do Reggina-Milan which is the sixth time for Milan and... from that moment he will precluded! Patience, oh! He will not ref Milan-Juventus but this is not what worries me! Because anyway he already took care of the first leg, therefore!
Phone calls between Moggi and Giraudo on December 22 2004 show that the Bianconeri duo discussed on how to punish Zdenek Zemen – the Czech coach who accused Juve players of being doped in the early 1990’s.

Moggi: Zeman? We must...we must do something to him, I don’t know a system, pity… we must hit him with a piece of wood...
Moggi: We need ‘to take all the hemorrhages’, causing him a damage, inventing something, removing a player from him, finding some…
Not just Moggi is involved in these interceptions, AC Milan official Leonardo Meani called linesman Contini, designated for the Milan-Brescia match of the 9th of April 2006 which ended 1-1. In this interception, Contini calls Meani for a dinner-meeting…

Meani:, if there wasn’t the uncle, however always eh?
Contini: *laughs*
The second game is Milan-Chievo 1-0 from the 20th of April and the interception involves Bergamo and Pairetto…

Bergamo: a...a…and, one who has been already for two months which we should have put him and there was some pressure and therefore… we put Puglisi to direct Milan-Chievo?...ehm, yesterday there were mistakes and therefore they ask: why do you penalise us? ehm, that is with me they did not speak, eh? I’ll tell you the truth, they called Gennaro (Mazzei).
The third match is Siena-Milan 2-1 from the 17th of April 2005. In this case, according to the investigators, they believe that the Rossoneri were damaged in favour of Juve…

Mazzini to Giraudo: "however...however I must say that our friend was exceptional at Siena, eh?
Contini talking about Baglioni, linesman designated for the Siena-Milan game…

Contini: he’s Pairetto’s friend, if you want to know he’s the one who books the tickets for him, that Pairetto goes to eat at his house, not at the restaurant, at his house…
Meani: "What the fuck, what the fuck, I really don’t want him, I don’t want him, I never asked for him nor wanted him, this is one… now he’s also asking me to be very careful, dh, not to make mistakes because Galliani is very angry, obviously. So tell him to be very careful from now on… till the end of the season… however Gennaro is very angry, tell him that from now on he must not make any fucking mistakes because he’s very angry, therefore also on Wednesday try to send two intelligent ones.
Here are some extracts from the conversations between Bergamo and Pairetto, after the President of the FIGC (Franco Carraro) asked Bergamo to help Lazio for the Chievo-Lazio game which the Biancocelesti won 1-0 on February 20 2005.

Bergamo: ...Lotito was looking for me, he wanted to know, he spoke with Carraro, I think on Friday, on the request for attention for his case, because you know he’s one of the flag bearers pro Carraro, pro Galliani, but Carraro told you something and he did not tell you anything?... try to understand Gigi, he wants to know just if Carraro told you something, to keep into consideration Lazio’s position and his own, because he is doing a lot…
A telephone conversation between Mazzini and Lazio President Claudio Lotito…

Lotito: Therefore he spoke with him?... This is a positive thing, so it means that he is loyal with me…
Lotito: …but he did it specifically or generically? … in the sense for a conduction, even a future one, not just specific for a thing.
Mazzini: no. no...he confirmed it to me, not only...but it’s a pressing intervention.
Lotito: You must work on both of them and talk to them clearly, start, start, we must see and start to say, did you understand? To establish, to establish, understood?
The second match is Lazio’s 2-0 win against Parma on February 27 2005, which was refereed by Messina. In this case Carraro had a direct interest in this game and Mazzini called Lotito…

Mazzini: ...We must avoid relegation in every way, eh?...
Lotito: ...aoh, on Sunday I have Parma eh? Which is important.
Mazzini: they will arrest you...they will arrest you!
Lotito: ...Aho? And why should they?...
Mazzini: ehh! Ask those guys from Parma...ask the Parma guys!...
The third Lazio match is the one against Bologna (2-1). Apparently, the designation of Tagliavento as a referee was predetermined by Carraro, Bergamo, Pairetto, Mazzini and Lotito…

Lotito: ...the problem now is at Bologna…listen to me…look that Bologna is important, you know why or what he did to me Gazzoni…you know what he told me…on Sunday next to me? I will make a declaration…I told him ok…do the declaration.
Mazzini: You do the declaration…we take the points!
Paolo Bergamo called the fourth official of the Roma-Juventus match so that he would keep his mobile phone turned on during the half time and the game, recommending him a “secure mobile”…

Bergamo to employee Fazi: Listen, I need a courtesy…can you call Francesca (wife of the referee Marco Gabriele, fourth official of the Roma-Juve match) Marco’s wife… and tell him that tonight he needs to leave the mobile phone on…so that if there was the need for something… between the first and second half… or also to take it on the pitch, it’s the same…since there…eventually only I call him, but if there was any need I would be able to contact him…tell him that it should be a secure mobile and then…however do it through Francesca, not directly with him.
The following conversations, both between Moggi and Italy's most famous sports commentator Fabio Baldas, show how Moggi’s system worked. Baldas is Italy's Des Lynam, reviewing the weekend's games in his weekly programme. Moggi, with his canny understanding of the media, had worked out that the best way to conceal the bias that referees were repeatedly showing Juventus was by exploiting his contacts in the mass media. His logic was that though 50,000 might see the game live, millions had their opinions formed by men such as Baldas. According to investigators, Baldas and Moggi spoke before nearly every programme to discuss what was going to be said and shown, who was going to be given the Roman thumbs up and who got the thumbs down. So, on 18th October 2005, Baldas rang Moggi on his mobile…

Baldas: How are you? Well?
Moggi: Good.
Baldas: Listen Luciano, today we haven't got much ... there is ... [just] Rodomonti [the referee for a game between Cagliari-Milan over the weekend]. Is it OK if we make him look bad? If you agree, of course ...
Moggi: Oh naturally.
Baldas: And then? And then? There's always Siena-Fiorentina ...
Moggi: But was there a penalty?
Baldas: Er ... bloody hell, yes, there was a penalty! ... And there Rosetti [a referee]. You know the guy ... But if we show him, what are we going to do?
Moggi: No, no, leave him alone ... just drop the Siena game.
Baldas: OK ... if I need a favour will you do me a favour?
Moggi: No problem.
Baldas: You'll call me back soon?
Moggi: Yup, soon.
Baldas: Fine, bye.

There are dozens of such conversations. In fact, according to investigators, Moggi received or made an average of 416 calls per day. He had six mobile phones and 300 sim cards. In nine months, he made or received 100,000 calls.


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