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The Wiretaps (Part 1)

The following (translated) transcripts appear to show that Pierluigi Pairetto (member of UEFA’s Referees Commission and President of the Italian Referees’ Association) arranged a ‘friendly’ referee for a Champions League match in Amsterdam – Urs Maier – and was expecting to be ‘remembered,’ something that Luciano Moggi guaranteed would happen.

Another introduces a novel form of payment – a Maserati. It would appear that Moggi turned to Juve’s powerful owners – the Agnelli family, who control car manufacturers Fiat - for a sports car that would be ‘a gift’ for ‘a friend’ who turns out to be Enzo: none other than Innocenzo Mazzini - the Italian Football Federation’s vice-President.

WARNING: These transcripts contain very strong language, and some text may not be translated 100% acurately!

Moggi and Pairetto speak on the phone on August 11 2004 about the Champions League first leg preliminary round match between Juventus and Swedish side Djugarden which ended 2-2. German Referee Herbert Fandel disallowed a goal by Juve's Fabrizio Miccoli.

Pairetto: Hello!
Moggi: Gigi? Where are you?
Pairetti: We left.
Moggi: Oh, what kind of fuck referee did you send us?
Pairetto: Oh, Fandel is one of the best.
Moggi: I know, but Miccoli’s goal was valid.
Pairetto: No it wasn’t.
Moggi: It was valid, it was valid!
Pairetto: No, it was right in front [of the ref].
Moggi: What are you talking about, it wasn't in front... all throughout the match he messed things up for us!
Pairetto: But he's one of the top...
Moggi: He can go and fuck himself. And for Stockholm [the return leg] I'm counting on you!
Pairetto: For fuck’s sake… mamma mia… this surely has to be a proper match.
Moggi: No, we’ll win, you know…
Pairetto: But they are poor.
Moggi: But with another one like this, it will be difficult no? You follow me?

The conversation then shifts to a discussion about some summer friendlies…

Moggi: Oh, at Messina send me Consolo and Battaglia.
Pairetto: Eh, I already did it.
Moggi: And who will you send us?
Pairetto: I think Consolo and Battaglia.
Moggi: Eh, with Cassara, eh?
Pairetto: Yes.
Moggi: And at Livorno, Rocchi?
Pairetto: At Livorno Rocchi, yes.
Moggi: And for the Trofeo Berlusconi [against Milan] - Pieri, please?
Pairetto: We have not done it yet.
Moggi: We shall do it later?
Pairetto: Ok we’ll do it later.

The referee at the Milan v Juve game on 28 August 2004 is Pieri and Juve win 1-0.
Juve won the return leg 4-1 in Stockholm, with England's Graham Poll refereeing. Two days before the game on August 23 2004, Moggi called the secretary of the Italian FA…

Moggi: Hello?
Morena: Mister Moggi, hello. I wanted to announce to you the referee and assistants for tomorrow night’s Champions League match.
Moggi: Who’s the referee, Cardoso?
Morena: No, I see Graham’ Poll’s name.
Moggi: Uhm…Where is he from?
Morena: He’s English.
A few minutes later, Moggi calls Pairetto…

Pairetto: Hello.
Moggi: Good morning.
Pairetto: Hey there, good morning!
Moggi: Oh, what about Cardoso, eh?
Pairetto: Eh?
Moggi: Paul Green (Moggi actually confused Graham Poll with Paul Green)
Pairetto: What?
Moggi: Paul Green!
Pairetto: Then something must have happened in the last moment, I have Cardoso, something must have happened… he must have been sick or something like that.
Moggi: Inform yourself!
Pairetto: Yes yes, I will.
Two weeks before the first group match of the first phase of the 2004-05 Champions League, Pairetto announces the referee of that match against Ajax to Moggi…

Moggi: Hello.
Pairetto: Hey there, I know you forgot all about me, but I didn’t.
Moggi: Go on…
Pairetto: I placed a great referee for the Amsterdam match.
Moggi: Who?
Pairetto: Meier.
Moggi: Great!
Pairetto: Anyway, it was just to tell you this. You see that I still think about you, even though you don’t anymore…
Moggi: Don’t start, now you’ll see, when I’m back, that I didn't forget you.

Ajax played Juventus on September 15 2004; the referee was Urs Meier, from Switzerland. Juve won the game 1-0.
This is a conversation between Moggi and Giraudo on August 14 2004, talking about the referees’ designators…

Giraudo: We see immediately what kind of air there is; you have any news of how the atmosphere is there at Sportilia (referees’ centre)?
Moggi: Good, good with Gigi (Pairetto).
Giraudo: But it’s not like last year?
Moggi: No, no, with Gigi it’s great.
Giraudo: But now we tell him to work hard for this crow, because we cannot go on with this dick head.
Moggi requests a car as ‘a gift’ for an important friend…

Secretary: Agnelli’s house, good morning.
Moggi: Good morning, I’m Moggi. I need Nalla.
Nalla: Hello Luciano.
Moggi: I need urgently, because we need to do…
Nalla: Yes.
Moggi: For an important friend, a Maserati!
Nalla: Yes.
Moggi: Four-door.
Nalla: Four-door?
Moggi: Yes. We give you a week’s time, ten days, ok?
Nalla: Ok!
A conversation takes place between Pairetto and Paolo Dondarini, the referee he had selected to officiate a Serie A match between Juventus and Sampdoria…

Pairetto: You know what you have to do. Make sure you see everything. Even that which isn't there.
Back in 2004, Juventus had been tracking Ajax's Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a possible transfer target. Moggi rang Antonio Giraudo, chief executive of Juventus, to tell him that Ibrahimovic had scored a hat-trick for Ajax.

Moggi: What the hell! But I specifically told him to play badly.
Giraudo: I told him! We had agreed that he would play badly, go see the manager after the game, tell him that he would never play for them again and demand that he be sold to us.
Pairetto then talks to the vice-President of the FIGC Innocenzo Mazzini (Enzo)…

Enzo: Hello?
Pairetto: Enzo?
Enzo: Hello Gigi.
Pairetto: Listen, I wanted to tell you that I practically have the car.
Enzo: Which?
Pairetto: So when we want to go pick it up there is practically available the Maserati.
Enzo: Come on…
Pairetti: Yes, therefore...
Enzo: Madonna!
Pairetto: Now when I’m back home tomorrow I will call directly the Royal House.
Mazzini and Moggi speak to each other about FIGC President Franco Carraro on September 6 2004. They also talk about the federal elections and a meeting with the referees…

Mazzini: For this asshole (referring to Carraro), don’t forget that he thinks that, also if he passes like he normally wants, he will win. Instead you must stick it up his arse. Don’t forget!
Moggi: Ooh if I tell you let me talk to him, then tomorrow I have the appointment.
Mazzini: Ok.
Mazzini: On Friday I’ll do the referees.
Moggi: On Friday I will come too.
Mazzini: I told Anto’ and he told me that he won’t come.
Moggi: Let it go, that’s a hybrid environment, the less that someone blends in, the better it is, and it’s not worth it to stay far away: I will make one take part or I will take part, or I will send Alessio.
Conversations between Moggi and his son Alessandro (head of GEA World – an agency that controls many players and coaches in Italy), on August 19 2004…

A. Moggi: Morabito (agent) called me, in particular Vigorelli (agent), to find out if you wanted to make an exchange of loans for Liverani.
L. Moggi: No, no. They work for Lazio now?
A. Moggi: What do I know, that’s what he told me.
L. Moggi: Damn it, since that one hooked down there, but I want to talk with him, because they gave them Lopez and they want to give them Marquez, eh?
A. Moggi: Eh, I know.
L. Moggi: Therefore it’s certain that they managed to get in a little, because they cannot go in much there, unless Cinquini (former Sporting Director of Lazio) does not work anymore for Lazio.
They speak again on September 10 2004…

A. Moggi: …the other day, take it as an information, then I don’t know, I met up with Enrico Preziosi (former President of Genoa) as always.
Luciano Moggi: Uhm…
A. Moggi: He started telling me how football is changing, you must be careful of this and that, Carraro, Galliani, then he tells me not to trust Montezemolo. I ask him why? Because I overheard a conversation at Juve, they want to kick everyone out except for Giraudo.
L. Moggi: Yes, but this is bollocks!
A. Moggi: I’m telling you what I heard, since Preziosi is often in this kind of environment, he’s in it.
L. Moggi: He’s never there!
A. Moggi: Well, dad, I’m telling you because...
L. Moggi: It’s exactly the other way round.
On August 28 2004, they talk about striker Fabrizio Miccoli…

L. Moggi: I asked Claudio Lotito (Lazio President) for 10 million and he told me 5, no? You must tell him: look, I can convince my father to do it for 7.5 million. Tell him some stories at the beginning.
A. Moggi: Ok.
Moggi then calls a friend of Miccoli…

Moggi: Tell him to be less stupid, otherwise I won’t let him be called up for the national team, so I pass a judgement on him, because I will send him to the national team.

(Marcello Lippi was the coach of the Italian national team at that time – the man who worked under Moggi at Juventus for many years.)
Moggi’s conversation with Aldo Biscardi (Presenter of a football show on Italian TV)…

Biscardi: Hello?
Moggi: Can I speak with Doctor Biscardi?
Biscardi: It’s me!
Moggi: I’m Luciano Moggi.
Biscardi: Uehh….Lucia!
Moggi: So yesterday I called here our friend from Trieste…Fabio Baldas (former referee designator and commentator on the TV program “Il Processo di Biscardi”). I gave him a good talking, but there was no need. He does not have any fault.
Moggi: But if he doesn’t come I won’t get anyone else, why should we kill the league off?
Biscardi: No, you won’t kill fucking anything, maybe you killed it off last season, you should give me 40 million, you bet with me and you lost.
Moggi: Aldo, but I…you’re like an insured clock, what can I say?
Biscardi: And where is it?
Moggi: And you know that when I tell you…
Biscardi: And I don’t know. You never send it…
Moggi: Fuck off, I gave you one, it cost 40 million!


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