Friday, May 12, 2006

Clubs named in ‘fix’ probe

The public prosecutor of Naples has revealed that Juventus, Lazio, Fiorentina and Milan are among the teams being investigated for alleged match-fixing.

Although the first three outfits were expected to be included as part of the enquiry, the Rossoneri have today been named as another side to come under their spotlight. Prosecutor Giovandomenico Lepore confirmed that the Italian giants are a part of their probe, just one of many up and down the country which are focusing on the running of the Italian game.

Rumours circulating in the peninsula suggested that 19 Serie A matches from 2004-05 were being looked into, as is one Serie B fixture, allegations which have now been confirmed. The Naples magistrates say they are looking into widespread claims of “criminal association” and “sporting fraud” within the sport.

Lepore added that 41 individuals, whose names have been bandied about in some sections of the Italian media for the past few days, would be questioned. They include directors from various clubs, nine referees – including World Cup ref Massimo De Santis – Italian Football Federation officials and one journalist.

The Naples probe is one of four different magistrate teams looking into the chaos, which are running in parallel with the FIGC’s own investigation.

Should any clubs be charged and convicted of sporting fraud, something which has yet to occur, they could risk a points deduction or even relegation. It must also be made clear that criminal charges may not necessarily follow the outcome of any public prosecutor findings.

A total of 41 people are under formal investigation, along with 20 matches - including one Serie B fixture...

Club Officials: Luciano Moggi (general manager - Juventus), Antonio Giraudo (general executive manager - Juventus), Andrea Della Valle (president - Fiorentina), Diego Della Valle (honoury president - Fiorentina), Claudio Lotito (president - Lazio), Leonardo Meani (director - Milan) & Sandro Mencucci (administrator - Fiorentina).
FIGC: Franco Carraro (former president), Innocenzo Mazzini (former vice-president), Francesco Ghirelli (secretary), Maria Grazia Fazi (secretary) & Gennaro Mazzei (appointment of assistants).
Referees: Paolo Bergamo (former designator), Pier Luigi Pairetto (former designator), Tullio Lanese (president), Massimo De Santis, Pasquale Rodomonti, Paolo Bertini, Paolo Dondarini, Gianluca Rocchi, Domenico Messina, Marco Gabriele, Salvatore Racalbuto, Paolo Tagliavento, Marco Ivaldi (assistant), Narciso Pisacreta (assistant), Stefano Titomanlio (assistant), Duccio Baglioni (assistant), Enrico Ceniccola (assistant), Gabriele Contini (assistant), Carmine Alvino (assistant), Giuseppe Foschetti (assistant), Silvio Geminiani (assistant), Alessandro Griselli (assistant) & Claudio Puglisi (assistant).
Journalist: Ignazio Scardina, Aldo Biscardi & Fabio Baldas.
GEA World: Alessandro Moggi (administrator), Giuseppe De Mita, Massimo Brambati, Davide Lippi.
Police: Francesco Attardi (financial police), Giuseppe Lasco (financial police), Fabio Basili (police) & Pierluigi Vitelli (police).

Serie A Matches (2004-05): Reggina 2-1 Juventus [6-11-04], Lecce 0-1 Juventus [14-11-04], Juventus 2-1 Lazio [5-12-04], Fiorentina 1-0 Bologna [5-12-04], Bologna 0-1 Juventus [12-12-04], Juventus 2-1 Udinese [13-2-05], Roma 1-2 Juventus [5-3-05], Inter 3-2 Fiorentina [20-3-05], Fiorentina 3-3 Juventus [9-4-05], Chievo 0-1 Lazio [20-2-05], Lazio 2-0 Parma [27-2-05], Bologna 1-2 Lazio [17-4-05], Siena 2-1 Milan [17-4-05], Lazio 1-1 Fiorentina [22-5-05], Chievo 1-2 Fiorentina [8-5-05], Lecce 3-3 Roma [29-5-05], Livorno 3-6 Siena [8-5-05], Milan 1-1 Brescia [10-4-05], Milan 1-0 Chievo [24-4-05].
Serie B Fixture (2004-05): Arezzo 2-0 Salernitana [29-5-05].


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