Monday, May 15, 2006

Fans turn on the Triade

There may have been celebrations in Bari as Juventus won the title, but a large number of fans contested the club’s ‘Triade’ on their return to Turin.

Around 200 Bianconeri followers gathered at the Caselle airport last night as they awaited for the side to touch down in northern Italy.

Outgoing director general Luciano Moggi, who last night quit on live television, was the focus of their anger as they chanted against the controversial figure. “Free [Mafia boss] Provenzano, arrest Luciano,” was one phrase repeatedly heard. “We no longer want the Triade,” was another.

The frustration of the fans with Moggi and Co – chief operating officer Antonio Giraudo and Vice-President Roberto Bettega – comes in the aftermath of the continuing scandal following a number of intercepted phone calls.

The contents of those conversations between a large number of high profile figures in the Italian game has led to a variety of probes into alleged match-fixing which involves Juventus and a number of other clubs.

With the possibility that Juve could be stripped of past Scudetto successes and relegated to Serie B, if anything is proved, the fans turned on the trio who had led the club to numerous titles over the last 12 years.

Although the trio of directors was heavily criticised, the fans stayed loyal to the Coach and the playing staff. Captain Alessandro Del Piero was particularly hailed, while there were also chants to bring back Juve legends Giampiero Boniperti and Michel Platini to the club.


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