Wednesday, May 10, 2006

FIGC Vice-President Mazzini resigns

After FIGC President Franco Carraro, it was confirmed this evening that Vice-President Innocenzo Mazzini has also resigned.

The Federation released an official statement announcing the decision to hand in his resignation following the growing scandal surrounding Juventus. Bianconeri director general Luciano Moggi’s alleged telephone conversations with refereeing designator Pierluigi Pairetto were recorded by investigators and printed in newspapers in Italy last week.

“My current state of mind in personal and federal terms is extremely uncomfortable,” explained Mazzini. “As a citizen and a man of sport, I have not been hit by disciplinary action, or a legal challenge. Nonetheless, I feel it best to leave now and clarify any misunderstanding.”

The Federation has come under increasing pressure as a result of the telephone interception allegations which has brought into question the credibility of the Italian game.


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