Saturday, May 20, 2006

Juventus outline ‘ethical’ future

Juventus will “not sit passively” during the investigation into Luciano Moggi's dealings, but will turn a new page, claims patron John Elkann.

“We have to turn a new page. The values that were so greatly expressed during the Turin Winter Olympics must and will be at the heart of our future actions,” he told ‘La Stampa’ newspaper this morning.

Elkann is the nephew of legend Gianni Agnelli and one of the heirs to the FIAT empire, but insists the Agnelli family will not be taking a more active role now that directors Luciano Moggi, Antonio Giraudo and Roberto Bettega have resigned as a result of the scandal.

“The new Board of Directors will be made up of professionals and great sportsmen. At this moment in time, it is important to reinforce Juventus by introducing people for duties they specialise in, but the family will always be close to the squad.”

This week Carlo Sant’Albano was named temporary CEO until the full Board of Directors can be put in place on June 29. There are already strong reports that ex-Roma director of sport Franco Baldini will be drafted in for the new era, but Fabio Capello has been confirmed on the bench.

“We asked Capello to stay with us and he accepted. He has immediately put himself to work in preparing for next season. We couldn’t ask for anything more from him.”

Nonetheless, the future is up in the air for Juventus, who could be docked points, stripped of titles or even relegated if they are found guilty of the alleged match-fixing and collusion with referees.

The club has done everything possible to distance itself from Moggi, whose taped telephone conversations are at the centre of the investigation.

“It was impossible for us to spot what was happening,” noted Elkann. “The knowledge of the shareholders is based only on official documents presented at the meetings. We are still trying to ascertain details as to the behaviour of individuals in this organisation, but Juventus will not sit passively while the storm rages.”

In yesterday’s statement naming Sant’Albano CEO, there was also a reference to a new “code of ethics” that would be introduced with “specific criteria of behaviour and an adequate system of sanctions that will be the cornerstone for anyone working with this club.”


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