Sunday, May 14, 2006

Moggi: I’m leaving football

Luciano Moggi has announced he is leaving Juventus and the football world for good after an investigation into alleged match fixing.

“I am here to inform everyone that on Monday I will resign as director general of Juventus and that from now on football is no longer my world,” he told Sky Italia’s cameras. “I no longer have the desire nor the strength to carry on. These people have killed my soul. All I’ll focus on now is defending myself against so much bitterness aimed in my direction.”

The controversial transfer guru’s telephone conversations were taped by public prosecutors for several months and have sparked an investigation into alleged match-fixing and collusion with referees. Many heads have rolled over this scandal, such as the entire Juventus Board of Directors, the FIGC President Franco Carraro and Vice-President Innocenzo Mazzini. Today another high-profile figure stepped aside, as the President of the AIA – Italian Refereeing Association – Tullio Lanese has suspended himself from his post “with immediate effect.”

Although nobody has been charged and the investigation is on-going, the worst case scenario could see Juve docked points, stripped of titles or even relegated to Serie B if the allegations are proved.


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