Monday, May 15, 2006

Moggi questioned in probe

Public prosecutors spent over six hours questioning Luciano Moggi as the investigation into alleged match-fixing continues.

Moggi, who on Sunday emotionally resigned as director general of Juve live on television, flew into Rome for interrogation in the aftermath of the telephone tap scandal which has blown the Italian football world into chaos. “This is a moment of great tiredness for me, but I looked to clear up everything,” Moggi is quoted as saying after his day in the capital. “Everyone acts in the way they think is necessary in this world because there are no alliances,” he added. “I reacted as I did in order to not be threatened, to not become a victim of the powerful forces already present.”
Sources added that Moggi had denied being a part of a system which included club officials and referees who allegedly looked to fix the result of games.

Fulvio Gianaria, Moggi’s lawyer, was happy with the discussions that had taken place. “The hearing was done with calmness and without bitterness,” he said. "There was a general discussion for half of the time and then we examined individual incidents.”

Moggi is one of 41 people under investigation by magistrates in Naples after a number of telephone calls between prominent figures in the game were intercepted. Transcripts of the calls reveal that a number of discussions took place with regard to the appointment of specific referees for matches.

The effects of the investigation have heavily penalised Juventus on the stock market after their shares lost 20 per cent of their value on Monday at a cost of around £40m. Financial experts in Italy are also speculating that Juve, crowned League champions on Sunday, could lose over £80m of their television and sponsorship deals if they find themselves in Serie B next term.


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