Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Juve look to Baldini

Juventus have handed the reins of the club to Carlo Sant’Albano, while ex-Roma man Franco Baldini admits he could take over.

“A shareholders’ meeting has been called for May 19, in which there will be an update on the club’s operation and to hand power of administration to Carlo Sant’Albano,” read a statement.

Born in Torino in 1964, Sant’Albano spent most of his life abroad in Colombia, Brazil, Scotland and the US. He has been the director general of Ifil Investments Spa – the financial company run by the Agnelli family and which controls Juventus – since February 2006.

The move was made necessary after the entire Board of Directors resigned in the wake of the scandal over intercepted telephone calls and alleged match fixing. Luciano Moggi made his resignation official this evening.

It’s now reported that Juve will revamp the club next season with the arrival of former Roma director of sport Franco Baldini. “Will I join the Bianconeri? Maybe yes, maybe no,” said the ex-Giallorossi transfer guru when he was questioned by journalists.

The scandal over alleged collusion with referees has shaken the calcio world to the core and today Giulio Rossi was named as the temporary head of the Federation. “What we have here is a great opportunity to wipe out the current leaders and start again, but even that won’t be enough unless we change the rules,” added Baldini. “We all have to take a step back, because the problem is that even the best of us were involved, if not by actively taking part, then at least by turning the other cheek.”

Juventus may have just celebrated their 29th Scudetto, but with the investigation on-going and legal threats of anything from docked points to relegation hanging over them, the share prices are plummeting by 17.6 per cent and were suspended from trading this morning due to excessive losses.


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