Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rivera tipped for FIGC chair

Zdenek Zeman and Maurizio Zamparini have suggested Gianni Rivera as the new President of the Italian Federation.

The FIGC is without a chief after President Franco Carraro and Vice-President Innocenzo Mazzini resigned following the investigation into match-fixing allegations. It’s believed a temporary commissioner will be put in place in an emergency meeting on Tuesday and the race is on to find a candidate who can lead the FA into a new era.

“The Lega Calcio and the FIGC must be placed in the hands of a new person who is alien to the current system. It’s the only possible way,” noted Palermo patron and Lega Calcio Vice-President Zamparini. “I’m waiting for Lega Calcio President Adriano Galliani to take the first step. We have to resign together, as I’m not quitting to leave him here alone. We need new blood and Rivera would be a brave step in the right direction. There’s also the issue of dividing resources equally, so we should follow the model set up by Denmark and France.”

The latest scandal to have hit Italian football is of little surprise to Zeman, the man whose comments in 1998 sparked the long-running and ultimately fruitless investigation into alleged doping at Juventus.

“When I started talking about what I saw in this sport, I got nothing but whacks on the back of the head,” said the Brescia Coach. “When I heard about this investigation, my first thought was gratitude that at last something was being done. In this sport there is a problem of men and the general system, which I have been criticising for many years. I hope that football can be cleaned up by this action.”


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