Friday, May 19, 2006

Zemen welcomes Juve inquest

Zdenek Zeman has given his opinion on the scandal turning Italian football upside down and considers it a blessing in disguise.

“Unfortunately for football, this was the system in place. I hope it can change and that from now on everything will be dealt with differently,” said the Brescia boss.

The former Lazio and Roma Coach sparked the first major investigation into Juventus’ practices when he suggested allegations of doping at the club. A seven-year trial failed to find any serious wrong-doing and the Bianconeri were effectively cleared of responsibility.

Following the interception of telephone calls from former Juve director general Luciano Moggi, the side is back under the spotlight with one of the biggest scandals Italian football has ever seen. “This is an opportunity for change and I hope that everyone will take this chance to take a new direction. It has to be done, because this is not football,” added the Czech Coach.

Zeman was interrogated by public prosecutors in Rome this afternoon and spoke to reporters as he left the building. “We talked about the current football landscape. I didn’t have to tell them too much, as from the transcripts of the telephone calls you can tell what’s going on. They will make their own conclusions from that evidence.”


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