Monday, June 19, 2006

Calciopoli investigation concluded

The man the Italian Football Federation put in charge of investigating the biggest scandal in Serie A history concluded his investigation today.

Francesco Saverio Borelli, who headed the "Clean Hands" investigations into political corruption in the 1990s, will hand over the results of six weeks of interviews with referees and officials from leading officials to FIGC prosecutor Stefano Palazzi.

Speculation in the Italian media suggests that Borrelli's report was not expected to recommend specific sanctions, leaving it up to Palazzi to decide which clubs or individuals should be charged and stand trial.

Meanwhile, AC Milan fans are sweating about the prospect of following their team in Serie B next year, after media speculation suggested the club is more heavily implicated in the Calciopoli scandal than previously thought.

The indictments will be issued by Palazzi after the Italian stock exchange closes on Thursday - and just after Italy play a key World Cup tie against the Czech Republic.


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