Sunday, June 25, 2006

Inter threatening to go abroad

Internazionale owner Massimo Moratti is threatening to sensationally take his team abroad if any clubs found guilty of sporting fraud are not suitably punished.

The Calciopoli sporting trial starts on June 29 in which Juventus, Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina – plus 26 people – face a fight to clear their names.

And Moratti has maintained that he would consider transferring the Italian giants into a foreign championship if he’s not satisfied with the cleanliness of calcio.

“If you can’t play honest football here then perhaps there is the possibility of a League abroad wiling to house a great club,” he said. “I want to study that possibility.”

Moratti had previously been reserved in his thoughts with regard to the various scandals, but he’s clearly distraught and angered by the recent revelations.

“I feel conned,” stated the oil baron. “I keep thinking about all of the sacrifices that we made and what has come out has demonstrated that things are far worse than what we imagined.”

Inter have consistently failed to lift the Scudetto in recent years, often falling short of their rivals Juventus and Milan.

“We are not intervening in the trial,” added Moratti. “We have always respected the rules and will see what happens now.”

The clubs involved do face heavy punishments if found guilty of any wrongdoing such as demotion to a lower Division. There is also the possibility that Juve could be stripped of their last two titles.

“I wouldn’t miss the presence of Milan and Juventus ,” noted the Nerazzurri chief. “As for the Scudetto, that can be handed out to Chievo, Inter or Roma. If the sides who finished ahead didn’t comport themselves in the right manner then it is only right that the first ‘clean’ club should be considered as coming first.”

Moratti is also hoping that leniency isn’t shown to those who have gone down the wrong path in recent years. “People would be a little troubled if any sentences were not in line with the seriousness of what may have happened,” he added. “This is the time where football must give the right example otherwise there would be a risk that it would no longer be considered as a serious sport.”


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