Friday, June 23, 2006

Moggi to escape Calciopoli?

Luciano Moggi’s lawyers claim he can’t go on trial due to a technicality, while Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti could be dragged into the scandal.

Moggi was one of 26 people – and four clubs, Juventus, Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio – indicted after the investigation into alleged match-fixing and collusion with referees. However, his lawyer insists the man whose tapped phone calls at the centre of the inquest won’t be punished.

“He is no longer registered with the FIGC and therefore cannot be put on trial by the sporting justice system,” explained Paolo Trofino. As Moggi resigned from his position of director general of Juventus, in theory he could be exempt from the trial which begins on June 29.

One of the referees indicted is Massimo De Santis, who chose to go on the attack today by aiming accusations at some people who were not named by the prosecutors.

“We have presented an appeal to the Disciplinary Commission so that they can analyse Carlo Ancelotti’s position,” said De Santis. “How could Ancelotti have spent all that time at Juventus with these people and not noticed anything was wrong?”

Ancelotti was on the Bianconeri bench from 1998 to 2001, though he was never able to win the Scudetto.

The referee then insisted he was not guilty of the charges that he helped fix matches in Serie A as part of the ‘Moggi System’. “I expect justice. If I have made mistakes, they were on the field, but I don’t even think there were any in the ties named in this investigation. If these are irregularities, then we’d have to prosecute every referee since football began. All that interests me now is resolving my position.”


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