Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who is charged with what?

These are the 26 officials who face charges in the Calciopoli scandal...

Luciano Moggi - Former general manager of Juventus. Part of the so-called "Triad" - the others being former chief executive Antonio Giraudo and former vice-president Roberto Bettega - that ran Juventus for 12 years. He quit last month. The scandal began when newspapers published intercepted telephone conversations between Moggi and senior football federation officials discussing refereeing appointments for games in the 2004/05 season.

Antonio Giraudo - Former chief executive of Juventus. Also features prominently in the phone taps. Also under investigation by magistrates in Turin on suspicion of "false accounting" in relation to Juventus's transfer activities.

Adriano Galliani - Vice-president of AC Milan and former President of the Italian Football League (Lega Calcio), the organisation that looks after the interests of clubs in Italy's top two divisions. His dual role had led to accusations of a conflict of interests.

Leonardo Meani - A member of Milan's management. Newspapers published phone taps in which he spoke to the official assigning linesmen in April 2005, complaining about a linesman he selected after Milan lost to Siena.

Diego and Andrea Della Valle - Diego is the owner of Fiorentina. His brother Andrea is the club's president. In the phone taps the brothers complain about refereeing decisions with Moggi and FIGC official Paolo Bergamo in the 2004-05 season when the club risked relegation.

Sandro Mencucci - Director general of Fiorentina. In phone taps dating from the end of the 2004-05 season he tells Bergamo and Innocenzo Mazzini that Diego Della Valle will not continue to promote the interests of Serie A's smaller clubs in return for favours from referees.

Claudio Lotito - President of Lazio and its biggest shareholder. In the phone taps he tells former FIGC vice-president Innocenzo Mazzini that Diego Della Valle has made him "a bandit's offer" in relation to their game against Fiorentina at the end of the 2004-05 season. Lotito is also under investigation by magistrates in Milan on suspicion of market-rigging involving Lazio shares.

Franco Carraro - Former FIGC president. Carraro resigned on May 8. He was questioned by magistrates on suspicion of knowing about the manipulation of refereeing appointments but doing nothing to stop it.

Innocenzo Mazzini - Former vice-president of the FIGC. Resigned on May 11. In intercepted telephone conversations with Moggi he makes disparaging references to Carraro and discusses which Juventus delegate will be attending a meeting on refereeing appointments.

Cosimo Maria Ferri - A member of the FIGC's commission for economic disputes. Charged with knowing about the manipulation of refereeing appointments in relation to Lazio matches but doing nothing to stop it.

Pierluigi Pairetto - The FIGC official in charge of assigning referees to Serie A games during the 2004-05 season and a former member of UEFA's refereeing commission. In the phone taps he tells Moggi the name of the referee for Juventus's Champions League match against Ajax in September 2004 two weeks before the game. UEFA rules state the name of a referee is to be communicated only 48 hours before the match.

Paolo Bergamo - A former FIGC official. Worked with Pairetto during the 2004-05 season, assigning referees for Serie A games.

Tullio Lanese - Former president of the Italian Referees Association. Investigated by FIGC magistrates on suspicion of knowing about Moggi's manipulation of referees but doing nothing to stop it.

Gennaro Mazzei - A former FIGC official in charge of assigning linesmen to Serie A matches.

Pietro Ingargiola - Former observer for the Italian Referees Association. In phone taps he claimed to have been present when Moggi and Giraudo locked referee Gianluca Paparesta in his dressing room following Juventus's 2-1 defeat by Reggina in November 2004. Ingargiola did not report the incident.

Massimo De Santis - Italian referee. De Santis was the FIGC's proposed referee for the World Cup, but was withdrawn, along with two linesmen, after he was drawn into the match-fixing investigation.
Paolo Bertini - Serie A referee.
Paolo Dondarini - Serie A referee.
Domenico Messina - Serie A referee.
Gianluca Paparesta - Serie A referee.
Gianluca Rocchi - Serie A referee.
Pasquale Rodomonti - Serie A referee.
Paolo Taglivento - Serie A referee.

Fabrizio Babini and Claudio Puglisi - Leonardo Meani asked Gennaro Mazzei for Babini and Puglisi to be assigned to Milan's match against Chievo in April 2005. Puglisi was a noted Milan fan. Meani got his wish and his team beat Chievo 1-0.


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