Saturday, August 26, 2006

Juve claim FIGC damages

Juventus are claiming massive damages from the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) over their demotion to Serie B.

The request is included in the appeal presented to the TAR Lazio civil court and amounts up to £92m, representing the economic loss allegedly suffered by the club because of its relegation. The Turin outfit officially presented their appeal to the Lazio tribunal on Thursday which mainly consisted of two parts. Juve asked for their immediate reinstatement to Serie A, eventually with the 17-point deduction which was handed out by the sporting justice system. The Bianconeri also stated that they suffered major economic losses because of the scandal and believe they should be compensated by the FIGC who they deem responsible for the situation. Juve quantified the damage of £50m if they were to play in this season’s Serie A and £92m if the Second Division were instead to be confirmed.

The main motivation of the appeal was the belief that the sanctions were unjustified and unfair when compared with those given to the other guilty clubs, as confirmed by Juventus chief Giovanni Cobolli Gigli. The FIGC and CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee) are now ready to reply with their claim for damages, considering the Bianconeri responsible for undermining the credibility of the Italian Championship, as well as sport in general. An extra hearing may be scheduled by the TAR Lazio on August 31, to specifically discuss Juve’s case.


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