Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Milan & Fiorentina's appeals fail

The CONI conciliation meeting between the FIGC and Milan failed on Tuesday, as the club attempts to see their point deduction for this season reduced. Hours after Milan’s rejection, Fiorentina also failed in their conciliation and both clubs will now go to the CONI arbitration, just as Lazio decided to do last week.

The Rossoneri were handed an eight-point penalty for the new Serie A campaign for their involvement in the match-fixing scandal. The Viola were handed a 19-point deficit for their involvement.

“The club and the FIGC were not able to conciliate, but the parties have agreed on the possibility of trying arbitration,” read an official Milan statement.

Leandro Cantamessa, one of Milan’s lawyers, was hoping in a better outcome although he was not totally disappointed. “We would have preferred to conciliate today, but we are moderately satisfied of the fact that the home ban was suspended,” said Cantamessa. “We will continue our fight within arbitration. These are the rules of the game and Milan play by the rules. We hope the point deduction will be reduced, but if that were not the case we will accept the decision.”

Cantamessa has therefore ruled out the possibility that his club could turn to the civil justice system and appeal to the Lazio Tar.

“Conciliation failed, the parties remain on two different positions,” said Enrico Ingrilli, the lawyer in charge of the Fiorentina hearing.

“A mediation took place, the club and the FIGC agreed to go to arbitration and to suspend the additional penalties. If both parties will be satisfied there will be no need to go further, but at the time being no possibility can be excluded,” added Ingrilli. “The FIGC is determined to confirm the points deduction.”

Ingrilli did not rule out the possibility that Fiorentina may appeal to the civil justice system, although this option seems unlikely. “Everyone has the right to appeal to TAR, but I believe Fiorentina have proved their will to keep this controversy within the sporting justice system and this is positive,” concluded the lawyer.

In the meanwhile, the additional punishments handed to Milan, a one-match home ban and the €100,000 fine, and to Fiorentina, a three-match home ban and a €100,000 fine, were suspended until the next hearing.


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