Thursday, August 17, 2006

News Round-up: August 11-16th

11/08/2006: Despite claiming they wouldn’t appeal the eight-point deduction, AC Milan have confirmed they will enter the CONI Conciliation. "Our objective is to shave off as many points as possible from that sentence,” explained lawyer Leandro Cantamessa. “Unfortunately, due to the time frame, there’s nothing we can do about being forced into the Champions League preliminary round. This is our final appeal, though, so we won’t be going to the TAR tribunal.” The Rossoneri had originally been frozen out of Europe altogether and ordered to start the 2006-07 campaign with a 15-point penalty, but the appeal allowed them into the Champions League via the back door – they currently lead 1-0 over Red Star Belgrade ahead of the August 23 second leg – and cut the handicap to eight points. Milan had hinted there would be no further legal action, but they are also now included in the CONI Conciliation and Arbitration Committee hearings on August 29.

13/08/2006: The Federal Prosecutor has asked for Reggina to be demoted into Serie B and penalised 15 points for their part in the match-fixing scandal. After hearing evidence from the club, FIGC prosecutor Stefano Palazzi put forward his requests to the judges. Reggina are accused of sporting fraud for three games in the 2004-05 season played against Atalanta, Sampdoria and Palermo. “The FIGC believes it’s clear that Reggina tried to gain an improved position in the table by altering the balance between the two teams,” explained Palazzi. “It’s a system we think is proven beyond doubt, as there was contact with the referee before the individual matches.” Wiretapped phone conversations between President Lillo Foti and refereeing designator Paolo Bergamo provide the evidence for an alleged attempt to earn favours for the Southern club. If found guilty, they risk demotion to Serie B and a 15-point handicap for the new campaign. President Foti’s position was met with a request for a five-year ban with further action to possibly bar him from football altogether.

14/08/2006: Federal Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi has asked for Arezzo to be demoted into Serie C with a three-point deduction, for their alleged involvement in the match-fixing scandal. Day two of the trial following the second wave of the match-fixing investigations saw Palazzi listen to the Tuscan club’s defence and then put forward his requests to the judges. Arezzo are under investigation with regard to their match with Salernitana in the 2004-05 Serie B season. A telephone conversation between former FIGC official Gennaro Mazzei and linesman Stefano Titomanlio mentioned “holding back” Salernitana, thus causing Arezzo’s indictment. Palazzi believes that the club's behaviour was evidently intended to favour Arezzo, although no evidence was found that there were any club officials directly involved. Palazzi asked for a five-year ban for both Mazzei and Titomanlio, judging their conduct even more serious in consideration of the categories they represented. A three-month ban was also requested for former Milan referees’ liaison Leonardo Meani, accused of failing to report an alleged irregularity to the authorities. As a result, the Rossoneri risk a 10,000 Euro fine.

16/08/2006: Juventus, Fiorentina, Lazio, Milan and their officials will lodge their appeals to the CONI Court of Conciliation and Arbitration to have their punishments reduced. If the clubs and officials are not satisfied with CONI, the highest degree in sporting justice, they may decide to appeal to the civil courts, namely the Lazio TAR Tribunal. Here are the dates of the appointments with CONI...

Aug 18 (1500): Juventus. Messina, Lecce and Brescia have formally been admitted to Juve’s meeting as third parties in the scandal, as they seek a return to Serie A.
Aug 23 (1100): Lazio
Aug 29 (1100): AC Milan
Aug 29 (1230): Fiorentina
Aug 29 (1500): Treviso will be seeking a return to Serie A, as they were originally placed back in the top flight following the first sentences.
Sep 05 (0930): Claudio Lotito (Lazio President)
Sep 05 (1130): Adriano Galliani (Milan vice-President)
Sep 05 (1330): Sandro Mencucci (Fiorentina Official)
Sep 05 (1500): Antonio Giraudo (Former Juventus Chief Executive)
Sep 06 (1100): Massimo De Santis (Referee)
Sep 06 (1300): Tullio Lanese (Former President of Referee's Association)
Sep 07 (1100): Innocenzo Mazzini (Former FIGC vice-President)
Sep 07 (1200): Luciano Moggi (Former Juventus General Manager)
Sep 13 (1100): Andrea & Diego Della Valle (Fiorentina Owners)


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