Friday, September 29, 2006

Borrelli launches investigation

Francesco Saverio Borrelli, the head of the Investigation Office, has benn called to enquire on the recent interception scandal involving Internazionale and telecommunications giants Telecom Italia.

The FIGC launched a new investigation after another scandal broke out in the past few days in Italy revealing hundreds of cases of phone interceptions by Telecom, with former referee Massimo De Santis accusing Inter of tailing him and tapping his phone in 2002.

Nerazzurri owner Massimo Moratti reacted immediately to the accusations, saying that his club had nothing to do with the interceptions despite Telecom Italia being one of its main shareholders, but said he was eager to meet Borrelli to answer any questions.

The latter will also meet De Santis, who presented himself to the civil prosecutors who are at the head of the investigation in Milan, declaring that he would claim damages.

Borrelli is scheduled to meet De Santis on Monday and the Inter patron on Tuesday, along with sporting director Gabriele Oriali, who hopes to clarify once and for all the position of the Scudetto holders.

If the accusations prove to be true, Inter could risk a fine for violating the sporting code, but there would be no consequences for the team itself in terms of points deductions.

Borrelli had decided to abandon the Federation after the mass departure of former Commissioner Guido Rossi and his staff, but the newly-elected Commissioner Luca Pancalli asked him to reconsider his decision and he revoked his resignation on Wednesday.


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