Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Borrelli opts to stay on

Francesco Borelli tendered his resignation last Wednesday.
Francesco Saverio Borrelli has confirmed that he has withdrawn his resignation from the Italian Football Federation and will remain in his role as the head of the FIGC Investigation Office.

Borrelli had tendered his resignation a week ago after the mass departure of former Commissioner Guido Rossi and his staff, but the newly-elected Commissioner Luca Pancalli asked the 76-year-old magistrate to reconsider his decision immediately after he was appointed on Thursday.

Borrelli met both the Italian Minister of Sport Giovanna Melandri and Pancalli himself, in what he defined as two satisfying meetings.

“I feel that there is trust in the job I am doing – I am flattered and thankful for this,” read an official statement directed at Pancalli.

“I feel that there is a unanimous will to innovate and change the Federal structures and rules. In this constructive climate and considering that you have asked me to keep a direct communication channel with you, in order to transmit the data acquired and any useful reflection originated by this information, I am pleased to inform you that I intend to revoke my resignation as Head of the Investigation Office.”

Borrelli’s first job will be to investigate former referee Massimo De Santis’ accusations about Inter, who allegedly hired an investigator to spy on him and tap his phone in 2002, as well as complete the inquiry on the illegal betting that was launched in the past few months.


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