Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CONI accept Rossi resignation

The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) will select a successor to Guido Rossi on Thursday after accepting his resignation as the head of the Italian Football Federation.

Rossi quit on Monday night when it became clear that he could not continue in his job after having been appointed as the new President of Telecom Italia on Friday. “Professor Rossi and vice-commissioners Vito Gamberale and Paolo Nicoletti have brought forward the end of their mandate and the Italian Olympic Committee [CONI] council have acknowledged this decision,” read an official CONI statement.

CONI adjourned their meeting until Thursday when a new man will be nominated to continue Rossi’s attempt to renovate Italian football, after it was rocked by the match-fixing scandal during the summer.

Massimo Coccia, who was chosen by Rossi to rewrite the game’s regulations, has not resigned and will cover Rossi’s role until the new chief is appointed in two days’ time. “I was not involved in this matter, none of my colleagues asked me what my intentions were so I will not resign – although my mandate remains at the disposal of CONI,” said Coccia.

“I am convinced that we did the right thing when we chose Rossi in May,” explained CONI President Gianni Petrucci (pictured). “I confirm that I have a very high consideration of the professor and the situation has simply changed. “But I believe that the renovation process of Italian football will continue, we will prove that we do not intend to cover up anything. On Thursday we will make a logical choice by appointing a person with specific characteristics, who will probably not come from the world of football.”

Meanwhile, Demetrio Albertini has said he is willing to continue aiding the Federation following the resignation of Rossi. “I totally agree with the decisions and the general policy lines of Professor Rossi,” said Albertini. “I now remit my mandate to the Italian Olympic Committee to evaluate together the conditions for the continuation of this project. I am available to help out in this transition phase and I am willing to offer my services to football and Italian sport.”

Petrucci said, “[Vice-commissioner] Demetrio Albertini will stay and I have also spoken to Roberto Donadoni and Pierluigi Casiraghi to confirm our trust in the work they are doing with the national teams.”


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