Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moggi attacks Rossi

Luciano Moggi was at the centre of this summer's scandal.
Luciano Moggi has hit out at former Federal Commissioner Guido Rossi, accusing him of acting on Inter’s behalf during the match-fixing investigation.

Juventus’ former director general was handed a five-year ban in the aftermath of the scandal and believes that Rossi intentionally wanted to ruin him and the Bianconeri.

“Inter, Telecom Italia, Massimo Moratti, Marco Tronchetti Provera and Rossi are all partners in the same things – that is Telecom Italia and Inter,” Moggi said on Italian television last night.

“Rossi did what he had to do and then returned to his home base at Telecom,” added Moggi, referring to Rossi’s new appointment at the head of Telecom Italia, which forced him to resign from his post at the FIGC last week.

"The revelations of the past few days confirm what I have been saying for months when I referred to industrial espionage. I once again deny the legitimacy of the phone interceptions. Often there are words missing and in other print-outs there are extra words – how can we trust this kind of information?

“That is why I decided to give Paolo Bergamo some foreign mobile phone cards, I was aware that everyone knew what I was doing and had to somehow protect myself. Juventus was hit in a moment of weakness following the death of Gianni and Umberto Agnelli – had they been alive these things would have never happened.”

The Old Lady of Italian football currently resides in Serie B with a 17-point deduction, although they are hoping to have that reduced at their CONI hearing next month.


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