Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rossi: Nobody wants reform

Outgoing Italian Football Federation chief Guido Rossi says there is no real desire to change the game following the match-fixing scandal that has rocked the Italian football world.

Rossi was appointed as FIGC commissioner in May after Franco Carraro quit as President, but Rossi himself stepped down this week after he was also appointed as the new head of Telecom Italia.

Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) chief Gianni Petrucci, who appointed Rossi, confirmed that he could not allow the former stock market regulator to finish his job and Rossi has hit out at the footballing community on Wednesday.

“During these months I have acknowledged the total lack of the conditions necessary for a true renovation of this movement,” said Rossi in a letter formalising his decision.
“Petrucci was very courteous and I appreciate that, but unfortunately I admit that I felt there was no trust in what I was doing. I am sure the time was right to really change Italian football. But the unexpected anticipation of the formal and institutional passages that we had agreed to made me understand that there are no longer the conditions needed for a serene and frank discussion on the renovation process.”

Rossi’s relationship with the institutions was never easy and he was often accused of not really knowing the world he was trying to renew.

Lega Calcio boss Antonio Matarrese was often critical of him, but reports suggest that the Federal budget and Italy’s candidacy for the 2012 European Championships were also among the reasons that saw Rossi walk away.

His assistants Vito Gamberale and Paolo Nicoletti also resigned on Monday, whereas vice-commissioner Demetrio Albertini offered his services for the transition phase. Massimo Coccia, who was chosen by Rossi to rewrite the game’s regulations, will cover Rossi’s role until the new chief is appointed by CONI on Thursday.


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