Saturday, October 28, 2006

Livid Viola consider civil action

Fiorentina insist they are innocent of the Calciopoli charges and hinted at a new appeal to the TAR tribunal.

The club was hoping for a substantial discount on its 19-point penalty, but with only four points shaved off that total, there was a mixed reaction to last night’s CONI Arbitration verdict.

“Fiorentina reaffirm that the club has never committed any sporting fraud and confirm its very critical position against a decision that, once again, bases its judgement on presumptions without objective evidence,” read a statement.

The Arbitration knocked their handicap down to –15 and cleared patron Diego Della Valle of the ‘sporting fraud’ charge, but they remain the club with the heaviest penalty apart from demoted Juventus.

“We are very disappointed at seeing our request for a trial based on an analysis of the facts, without preconceived ideas or theories, go totally ignored,” continued the Press release. “Even stronger is our sensation that the need to sustain an accusatory line, one that has been proved totally unfounded in several courts now, took precedence over justice.”

The statement concludes with a warning that the legal battle is not over, as Fiorentina are now likely to lodge a new appeal in the civil courts via the TAR tribunal.

“Fiorentina are examining the content of the Arbitration’s report to decide how best to defend the club, the directors and its shareholders.”

Viola director of sport Pantaleo Corvino tried to calm the situation and focus his players on Sunday’s tough match against leaders Palermo.

“This is a verdict I do not feel like commenting on. We must react. At this moment in time, Fiorentina need to find more unity so that we can continue to work the way we have since the start of the season,” said the transfer guru. “The squad and Coach Cesare Prandelli showed great professionalism and confidence in the project laid out by the directors and will continue their work. You’ll see we’ll emerge from this stronger than ever.”


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