Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Matarrese: Honeymoon is over

The Lega Calcio was plunged into chaos again today as Maurizio Zamparini and Riccardo Garrone attacked President Antonio Matarrese.

The emergency meeting was called to elect two new counsellors to replace Roma director Rosella Sensi – recently appointed Vice-President to Matarrese – and deceased Inter President Giacinto Facchetti.

So far only one new figure has been elected, but it proved a controversial choice. Leandro Cantamessa is Milan’s lawyer and represented the club in the match-fixing trial.

Palermo President Zamparini failed to reach the 15 out of 20 votes necessary, even when he was fielded as the only possible candidate.

It’s now rumoured Zamparini could retire from the race, while Sampdoria owner Garrone has already resigned in protest at Matarrese’s actions.

“I could reconsider my position, but only if within 10 days Matarrese leaves the Presidency of the Lega Calcio,” said Garrone.

Matarrese was only elected on August 8 in the wake of the Calciopoli scandal, which forced Adriano Galliani to step down as President of this Serie A and B ‘union’.

“I can understand what everyone is saying, but I won’t let anyone tread all over me,” replied Matarrese.

Zamparini was the most active in pushing for Matarrese to become Lega Calcio President, but has already changed his mind less than two months later. “I told Mr Matarrese that he has betrayed his first voter, which was me, and that naturally he will no longer have my support. I’ll continue to be the Palermo President, but I couldn’t care less about this place,” he said storming out of the meeting.

Zamparini also slammed Cantamessa’s election as “fraudulent,” something the Milan lawyer was eager to answer. “We need great patience to deal with Zamparini. I realise it was humiliating for him to fail in this election. He was in a bad mood and, when you’re not particularly polite, things come out that shouldn’t have been said. I forgive him, as I don’t think he knew what he meant by the word ‘fraudulent’.”


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