Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Moratti all set to defend Inter

Inter owner Massimo Moratti will be heard by Francesco Saverio Borrelli on Tuesday as the Italian Football Federation continues its investigation into the latest interception saga.

The FIGC opened a new probe in the aftermath of the scandal revealing hundreds of cases of phone interceptions by Telecom Italia, after former referee Massimo De Santis accused Inter of tailing him as well as tapping his phone in 2002.

The ex-referee spoke to Borrelli on Monday after a former Telecom Italia security manager confessed from prison that the he did spy on De Santis and that this activity was at least in part commissioned by the Nerazzurri.

Moratti reacted immediately to the accusations, saying that his club had nothing to do with the interceptions despite Telecom being one of its shareholders, and said he was eager to speak to chief investigator Borrelli to clarify his club’s position.

Federal Commissioner Luca Pancalli expressed his worries about the new scandal in which he labelled the situation as ‘embarrassing’.

However, Moratti has hit back by again claiming his club’s innocence. “I don’t agree with that,” said the patron.

De Santis made no new revelations during his hearing on Monday and is now waiting for civil justice to follow its course. “I want justice, just as I have been stating in the past few months,” said the former referee who was forced to miss the World Cup last summer. “This is a disgusting situation. A citizen was spied on in his private life and that is unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, a new investigation is being launched in Naples in relation to the 2005-06 season. The move comes after former referee Mario Mazzoleni accused the ex-designator Gennaro Mazzei of putting pressure on him to favour Lazio before the January 21 match with Cagliari.


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