Monday, October 02, 2006

New revelation rocks Inter

Inter’s position in the most recent telephone interception scandal has become more critical after the confession of a former Telecom Italia manager.

The FIGC launched a new investigation, which is being led by the head of the Investigation Office Francesco Saverio Borrelli, after former referee Massimo De Santis accused Inter of tailing him as well as tapping his phone in 2002, in the aftermath of the new scandal revealing hundreds of cases of phone interceptions by Telecom.

According to the Italian press, the ex-Telecom Italia security boss Giuliano Tavaroli confessed from prison that the he did spy on De Santis and that this activity was at least in part commissioned by the Nerazzurri, as confirmed by his lawyer.

"That is partially true. The activity was commissioned by the Inter management and was taken care of in part by Tavaroli, in part by the private investigator Emanuele Cipriani,” said Massimo Dinoia after speaking to his client in the Voghera prison.

“The investigation was mainly aimed at acquiring information on the referee’s properties and was conducted between 2002 and 2003.”

Nerazzurri owner Massimo Moratti reacted immediately to the accusations, saying that his club had nothing to do with the interceptions despite Telecom being one of its shareholders.

He is scheduled to meet Borrelli on Tuesday to clarify his position, while De Santis, who declared that he would claim damages, will be heard on Monday.

Inter could risk a fine for violating the sporting code if the accusations prove to be true, but at the time being there is no reason to believe that there would be consequences for the team itself in terms of points deductions.


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