Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zeman slams Juve discount

Zdenek Zeman reacted angrily to the Calciopoli appeal verdicts, claiming the Serie B season has been "falsified" by Juventus' discount.

The CONI Arbitration cut Juve’s penalty from 17 points to nine on Friday evening after accepting that the club had removed those directors responsible for the scandal.

“With the cuts to those penalties, the Serie B Championship has been falsified. The extra points handed to Juve prove that things will never change,” said the Lecce Coach.

In the top flight, Lazio’s 11-point handicap was reduced to just three, Fiorentina went from -19 to -15 and Milan’s eight-point penalty was confirmed.

“At least the Second Division is a very difficult League and Juve will have to struggle hard in any case to earn promotion.”

Zeman has always been the Bianconeri’s most outspoken critic, as his comments on the muscular development of some of their players prompted the long-running investigation into Juve’s medical staff.

He also suggested that disgraced former director general Luciano Moggi had some power over referees long before this summer’s shock telephone interceptions revealed pressure on the authorities.


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