Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CONI cuts Reggina penalty

Reggina have had their Calciopoli penalty reduced to 11 points by the Italian Olympic Committee’s (CONI) Court of Arbitration.

The Amaranto had received a 15-point deduction by the Federal Court sporting tribunal during the summer, as well as a two and a half year ban for President Lillo Foti.

They had already tried to appeal that decision in the previous conciliation meeting with the FIGC in October, but had failed to make any progress until now.

The CONI Arbitration confirmed the pundits’ predictions, which suggested that the penalty for the Southerners might be brought down to 11 points, granting a four-point reduction.

The discount allows Reggina to move to nine points in the Serie A standings, leapfrogging Ascoli, who are now in last position.

However, Foti was still not satisfied with the verdict and reiterated the club's innocence in the scandal. "I am very disappointed with this decision, because I do not believe I was guilty," said the club's owner, who was accused of calling referees' designator Paolo Bergamo in order to obtain favours for his side.

"This is an unfair verdict because Reggina are innocent. In any case we respect the decision, which we cannot consider fair for what the side has shown on the pitch," concluded the official.

The CONI Court also examined Arezzo’s position, but the Serie B side’s appeal failed and the six-point handicap for the 2006-07 campaign was confirmed, leaving the Tuscan outfit in last position with just two points earned so far.


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