Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lega Calcio ban club Presidents

The Lega Calcio will never again have a club representative as its President, announced Antonio Matarrese after tonight’s meeting.

“If the elected President of the Lega Calcio is also the head of a club, he must choose between one or the other. We can never again have an organisational rapport between the two figures, so he can’t represent the interests of an individual side and the collective,” said current President Matarrese.

“The new rules we have drawn up are very clear on this and nobody should even think about flying too close to the sun, because they will get their wings burned.”

The Lega Calcio – a sort of union of Serie A and B clubs – was embroiled in controversy for the years under Adriano Galliani’s Presidency due to claims he wielded too much power as vice-President of Milan.

Today the Lega united in Milan to discuss changes to the rules post-Calciopoli, which include a paid post as President.

“This is also a novelty, because the President will always be present, attentive and dedicate himself full-time to his duties,” added Matarrese. “We have to start running this union like a business with a real Board of Directors to make decisions and focus only on the good of the whole football environment. The clubs approved these changes unanimously, although it can only be implemented after it has been passed by the Federation.”


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