Saturday, April 14, 2007

Moggi laughs off new allegations

Disgraced former Juventus director general Luciano Moggi has laughed off new accusations in the second wave of Calciopoli.

With the closure of the Naples investigation, there are allegations that he provided referees with Swiss SIM cards that were considered ‘safe’ from wiretapping.

"What Swiss cards? I gave nothing to anybody, it’s totally ridiculous," Moggi told ‘La Repubblica’ newspaper.

With the latest accusations levelled at Juventus, there are reports the club could face further sanctions just as it is about to re-enter Serie A following their summer demotion.

"Who said Juve will be involved? No chance! Juventus have already paid more than enough of a price. I really don’t see how they could be dragged into it again, especially as there’s nothing to it."

The ex-director general reserved his most barbed comments for the claims that Salvatore Racalbuto booked Reggina full-back Giandomenico Mesto in the game against Messina so that he would be suspended for the next match with Juve.

"I read that story and fell about laughing. Please – imagine how we were quaking in our boots at the thought of Mesto coming to Turin…"

Naples prosecutors have finally closed their match-fixing probe after almost a year and have named 48 people who they suspect of wrongdoing, a standard step before possible criminal charges are issued.

"The contacts took place via phone calls, thanks to secret SIM cards that were provided by Moggi to designators Paolo Bergamo and Pier Luigi Pairetto, to Messina’s sporting director Mariano Fabiani, to referees Gianluca Paparesta, Salvatore Racalbuto, Stefano Cassarà, Antonio Dattilo, Paolo Bertini, Marco Gabriele, Tiziano Pieri, Massimo De Santis and Marcello Ambrosino," read a statement released by the Naples prosecutors.


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