Friday, April 13, 2007

Nothing to fear, say Juve

Juventus have issued a statement to reassure fans that today’s twist in the Calciopoli investigation will not see them punished further.

Public prosecutors in Naples are set to provide the Italian Football Federation with new evidence of alleged match-fixing during 2004-05, with some reports claiming that the Bianconeri could be hit again.

However, the Turin giants have this afternoon claimed that they have already paid the price for the misdemeanours of previous employees Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo.

"The news reported in the newspapers today does not change the club’s conviction that it cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing referred to the past management," read a note on the club’s website.

"The players and the entire Juve staff have faced the Serie B championship with passion and professionalism, overcoming last summer’s crisis.

"The current managers are aware that a very high price was paid and that there are no pending issues with the sporting justice, and this has allowed them to plan the outfit’s future serenely.

"To the fans, who have never faltered in their support, Juventus can confirm their desire to start winning again and return to the very top of the world game."

President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli had already distanced the outfit from claims that they were set for further penalisation after the stripping of two Serie A titles and demotion to Serie B with a nine-point deduction.

"We have to make it clear that Calciopoli didn’t start with Juventus," the chief argued. "We’ve already paid the price for it, perhaps too much.

"After all, the decision to take away the 2006 Scudetto from us and hand it to Inter is still incomprehensible today."


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